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  • Premier Tech Aqua

    Premier Tech Aqua (58)

    Premier Tech Aqua

    Premier Tech Aqua are experts in sewage treatment plants. For more than 90 years, Premier Tech Aqua (PTA) has been building its know-how and reputation on the diversity and technological expertise of its 3,600 team members, who are located all around the world. As one of Premier Tech’s business units for over 20 years, Premier Tech Aqua (PTA) has become an international leader in the field of onsite and decentralized wastewater treatment technologies for the residential, commercial, community and industrial sectors. With over 113,000 installations, each coupled with a rigorous inspection, maintenance and documented follow-up program performed by a large network of partners, PTA is undoubtedly one of the leaders of its industry. PTA builds on innovation, creation and collaboration with local partners to make better use of shared resources and add value to the available services in keeping with environmental protection. Active in North America, Europe and Asia, PTA is proud of the quality, performance and reliability of the solutions it offers. If you need help choosing a Premier Tech Aqua sewage treatment plant, get in touch with us today.
  • Tricel

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    Tricel was first established in February 1973 and is today a globally recognised brand employing nearly 400 people worldwide. Tricel sewage treatment plants are renowned in the industry, with manufacturing sites located all around Europe and within the United Kingdom, including Gloucester, Newry and Leeds. They develop, manufacture, sell and distribute an extensive range of innovative and solution based products. As a global based award winning engineering company, they provide our specialist services to customers and industries in over 50 countries worldwide. With manufacturing locations in five countries, they possess a broad and distinct range of capabilities which enable them to supply an extensive range of markets. Tricel has evolved from its beginnings as a manufacturer of GRP products into a successful multinational corporation. A proven ability to absorb, improve and generate new technologies, materials and processes have long fuelled Tricel’s sustainability, competitiveness and growth. Tricel is today a globally recognised provider of high-performance solutions for the Water, Environmental, Construction and Distribution industries. Their company ethos of “Generations of Innovation” is built around the interlinking themes of; Innovation, Quality and Heritage. These three pillars are the foundation of their success and have been developed and strengthened over the last 40 years. They take pride in the delivery of innovative, high-quality, products and business solutions that their customers can trust, employ and use to facilitate their own growth. For advice on the right Tricel sewage treatment plant for your home, get in touch with us today.
  • Clearwater

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    Clearwater has been providing affordable sewage treatment plants for domestic and commercial applications for over 30 years. All of their products are certified to EN standards to ensure the utmost safety and quality. In addition to sewage treatment and storage systems, Clearwater provides a range of package pump stations, as well as garden irrigation and irrigated rainwater harvesting systems. Clearwater sewage treatment plants are a versatile and cost effective solution. Using trusted aerobic biological processes for the treatment of sewage, a Clearwater treatment system makes for an affordable and environmentally responsible solution. For advice on choosing the right Clearwater sewage treatment plant for you, get in touch with our team.
  • WPL

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    WPL is an internationally-recognised leader in providing their customers with process solutions, to treat wastewater problems. Through the expertise of their skilled engineers and the application of efficient, reliable and robust processing systems, they can ensure that every site achieves environmental compliance. Their aim is to ensure customer satisfaction by continually improving product design, development and manufacturing processes, backed by a commitment to engineering excellence. If you need advice on choosing a WPL sewage treatment plant, contact our team for help.