Commercial Pumping Station Installation

Owls Hall can provide Commercial Pumping Stations

We can install pumping stations suitable for a wide range of business needs. Whether your premises is connected to the mains or relies on a septic tank, it is possible that you could benefit from a pumping station to move wastewater away from the main premises more effectively. Before any installation, we also conduct a survey of your property to ensure that the pumping station we install will be the best fit for your business.

What is a pumping station and why would I need one?

When gravity is not enough to remove wastewater from your commercial premises, a pumping station or septic pump can be instrumental in providing continuity of service. It only takes a small amount of electricity to work effectively.

Pumping stations are most often needed when a property’s sewage system is elevated above the wastewater pipes or situated a great distance away. This means that a pumping station can be useful for wastewater disposal even if your property is fully connected to the mains.

What does it look like?

  • the working pump and ancillary parts contained in an underground tank.
  • pipes to feed waste materials into the pumping stations
  • pipes to feed wastewater to the mains sewer, a sewage treatment plant or a watercourse (if the water is clean)
  • a control system located above ground
  • a discreet cover above ground (for ease of access and maintenance purposes)

Owls Hall’s installations keep everything contained within the underground tank. This means that smells are completely contained and noise is kept to a bare minimum, causing no disruption for your day to day business activities. All of the systems that we install are also designed to meet the requirements of the Environmental Protection Authority.

The purpose and location of a tank both have an impact on its size. We work with a number of systems that are scalable to make them work for projects of varying sizes. If you are considering installing a pumping station for your premises, call us on 01371 850537. We will arrange a site survey to allow us to make the best possible recommendation for your situation.

Which size pumping station should I choose?

The size of the pumping station you need is dependent on the size of your premises and the amount of wastewater that the system will need to deal with.

Water companies will be adopting privately owned pumping stations by 1st October 2016 should they serve more than one home or be located outside of the property boundaries.

For this reason, it makes sense to install a pumping station of an adoptable standard. For more details please contact us or your local water authority. All systems that we install and recommend meet adoptable standards.

As well as new installations, we can also work with you to upgrade or replace your current system. If this is the case, get in touch with us to discuss the practicalities.

Need a pump to control flooding?

As well as dealing with sewage, pumping stations can also be used to keep localised flooding under control, taking water away from your property and moving it along to a suitable ditch or watercourse. Get in touch to discuss this further.

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