Septic Tanks

Buy your septic tank online here today from Owls Hall – an experienced name in the wastewater industry with over 50 years’ experience. Our selection of high-quality, reliable septic tanks meet the needs of all our customers, including those needing small, medium and large septic tanks. Owners of both residential and commercial properties can buy a new septic tank online here that comes with free delivery by our experienced wastewater professionals who cover all of mainland UK. For more info on all our septic tanks, feel free to call us on 01844 877030 and we will be happy to help you make an informed buying decision.

Septic tanks

Rewatec 3000L Septic Tank
£1,065.00 - £1,245.00

£1,278.00 - £1,494.00 inc VAT

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Rewatec 4000L Septic Tank
£1,120.00 - £1,335.00

£1,344.00 - £1,602.00 inc VAT

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Rewatec 5000L Septic Tank
£1,400.00 - £1,620.00

£1,680.00 - £1,944.00 inc VAT

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Rewatec 6000L Septic Tank
£1,740.00 - £2,090.00

£2,088.00 - £2,508.00 inc VAT

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Rewatec 8000L Septic Tank
£2,090.00 - £2,580.00

£2,508.00 - £3,096.00 inc VAT

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Rewatec 10000L Septic Tank
£2,570.00 - £3,100.00

£3,084.00 - £3,720.00 inc VAT

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Sewage Treatment

Septic Tanks

A Septic Tank is a system designed to treat wastewater where no mains sewer connection is available. The treated water is suitable to discharge through the ground via a suitably sized drainage field. A septic tank must be tested in accordance with EN12566/1 and sized correctly. You can use our free septic tank sizing calculator to help, or call us for more advice.

Septic tanks are made from GRP (or more modern versions from polyethene) which, like the Premier tech Septic tank, often have fine particle filters to help reduce suspended solids from the water and increase the lifespan of the drainage field. If you are discharging to a ditch, you will need to use a Sewage treatment plant.

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