Large Domestic Sewage Treatment Plants (7-8 Bedrooms)

For owners of large 7-8 bedroom homes cut off from the mains sewage system, we have a selection of different large domestic sewage treatment plants. Able to turn your home’s waste into water you can simply release into streams or drainage fields, these sizable plants are manufactured by the likes of WPL, Tricel and Rewatec. We have decades of experience delivering and installing large sewage treatment plants in residential properties so we know you need at least a 10-person plant for homes of this size. Feel free to contact our experienced team for more info.

7-8 bedroom Sewage Treatment Plants

Rewatec Solido Smart 3-10 Person Sewage Treatment Plant
£3,195.00 - £3,610.00

£3,834.00 - £4,332.00 inc VAT

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Solido Classic E60 (up to 10 Population)

ex VAT

£5,916.00 inc VAT

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Tricel Novo UK10 Sewage Treatment Plant
£2,940.00 - £3,400.00

ex VAT

£3,528.00 - £4,080.00 inc VAT

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Rewatec ASP 12 Person Sewage Treatment Plant – Gravity Outlet
£2,180.00 - £2,330.00

ex VAT

£2,616.00 - £2,796.00 inc VAT

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Sewage Treatment Solutions

7-8 Bedroom Plants

The Solido 10 person sewage treatment plant can be set according to the number of people in the property and is EN certified. Alternatively, the Tricel NOVO 10 sewage treatment plant is suitable for an 8 bedroom house and comes with a loss of pressure alarm.

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