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Domestic Rainwater Harvesting

Domestic rainwater harvesting is a process through which homeowners can recycle rainwater for use around their house and garden. It can help you use up to 50% less water from the mains, typically by collecting water from your roof. The process is both environmentally and financially sustainable.

By installing a domestic rainwater harvesting system, you can collect rainwater to use within toilets, washing machines and garden taps. Domestic systems will also reduce the amount of surface water going to drains, helping to prevent blockages and localised flooding.

You can buy two different underground domestic rainwater harvesting systems from Owls Hall Environmental. Both the direct feed and indirect (headertank) types use the highest quality pump available and feature a fine particle filter to ensure water quality is as high as possible. We sell tanks that can store water quantities from 1500 to 7500 litres.

As experts in water treatment and usage, we will use our experience to advise you on the best domestic system for your property. A rainwater system that is designed well and installed properly should last for decades with minimal maintenance and hassle.

Call our expert team to discuss your project on 01844 877030.

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