Non Electric Sewage Treatment Plants

Buying a non electric sewage treatment plant is the most ecological and environmentally-friendly domestic wastewater solution. Here at Owls Hall, we can supply and install one of the most successful non electric sewage treatment plants – the EcoFlo from Premier Tech Aqua – which boasts over 100,000 installations, demonstrating its reliability. These zero energy solutions are ideal as a secondary treatment unit for residential properties or small commercial properties that are unable to connect to the main drainage system. We have also found that these plants are well-suited to holiday rental property owners where their usage would be sporadic. The EcoFlo non electric sewage treatment plant uses patented coconut husk fragment-based filtering media which treats the wastewater from the septic tank and produces a high-quality final effluent. For more info on these systems, feel free to get in contact with us to speak to a specialist.

Non Electric Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage Treatment Plants

Energy Free Sewage Treatment Plants

It is important to get the right size sewage treatment plant for your home. To help you calculate the size you will need, you can use our helpful guide.

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