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Rainwater Filters

Gutter & downpipe filters for cleaner rainwater

Rainwater filters perform an essential function, filtering the rainwater that runs through gutters and downpipes into your rainwater harvesting system. Rainwater itself is clean but leaves, moss and other debris can come off the roof into your rainwater system.

Leaf filters provide initial filtration of the water that comes in via gutters and downpipes. This is necessary to ensure that leaves and other debris are removed prior to storage of the rainwater. Remember to clean out your rainwater filters periodically to ensure water quality is consistently high. Doing so will extend the life of your system.

When using water for toilet flushing, it’s also advantageous to use a fine particle filter like the Hydra Rainmaster (included in all our domestic rainwater harvesting systems) This fine particle filter acts as protection, ensuring no small particles get into toilet valves, where they can cause damage and blockages.

We have a wide range of filters to choose from including:

  • Downpipe filters that are installed on the downpipe and discharge leaves out, allowing clean water to carry on down the pipe to the rainwater system.
  • Underground filters that are installed below ground intercept leaves prior to a rainwater tank.
  • Fine particle filters which are installed in the house after a pump to clean water upon entry to the property.

Order online for shipping across the UK. For advice on choosing the right rainwater filer or help with installation, contact our friendly technical team on 01844 877030.

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