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Civic sewage treatment plant works perform most of the UK’s wastewater drainage. However, it is not uncommon that mains drainage is sometimes inaccessible in more remote parts of the countryside, and in this case it falls to the land owner to find a different method of disposing of wastewater.

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About our commercial sewage treatment plant installation services

Some commercial applications for the use of sewage treatment plants include industrial units, pubs, theme parks, golf clubs, visitors centres and hotels. These commercial businesses need to have installed a ‘packaged sewage treatment plant’ in order to treat the wastewater. They are normally designed to treat the sewage to a high level, meaning that the ‘treated affluent’ can be sent into a natural watercourse or an underground drainage field.

Commercial sewage treatment plants characteristically consist of a primary settlement, biological treatment and final settlement zones. They treat ammonia (NH4), Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), and Suspended Solids (SS). Sand filters can also be added to certain systems in order to provide further treatment before discharge. The quality of effluent required is set by the Environment Agency in England and Wales, and the quality required can be different depending on the application.

Commercial catering creates large quantities of fat and grease and therefore should not be permitted to enter the sewage treatment plant. These kinds of applications require a grease trap installation upstream of the commercial sewage treatment plant.

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