Final Effluent Pump Stations

A Final Effluent Pump Station is used in instances where the treated water from a septic tank or sewage treatment plant needs to be lifted to its discharge point. This can often happen when the drainage pipes are too deep and a gravity fall from the outlet cannot be achieved. Some treatment plants have pumps built in to perform this role, however, using a dedicated pump station for this job is recommended.

Final effluent pump stations

Sewage Treatment

Final effluent pump stations

They come in single or twin pumps; twin pump systems give you the added benefit of a backup pump in the event of failure. Systems with a control panel use are more robust and can run the pumps alternatively or both if needed. Systems without a panel rely on the pumps own float switch, therefore one pump will always get more wear than the other. It is always advisable to use a high-level alarm for peace of mind.

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