WPL Sewage Treatment Plants

WPL sewage treatment plants, specifically WPL Diamond plants, are a large player in the wastewater industry, now available to buy under the WCS Group as their Diamond range. Where mains drainage is unavailable, WPL diamond sewage treatment plants solve domestic and commercial wastewater needs. At Owls Hall, we have significant experience in delivering and installing WPL Diamond sewage treatment plants at a whole host of properties, with our plants offering service for up to 20 people. These discrete systems sit underground with just a lid visible and produce an environmentally-friendly final effluent that can be released into a drainage field or watercourse. If this sounds like the solution for you, you can get in touch with our team who can advise on which system is best for you.

WPL Treatment plants

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WPL Diamond Sewage Treatment Plants

WPL joined WCS Environmental Engineering in 2021 but the popular WPL Diamond range is still as popular as ever.

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