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Smart rainwater harvesting solutions available to browse and buy online

Owls Hall Environmental’s rainwater harvesting range – including complete systems, tanks and accessories – is top of the range, helping homeowners across the UK to make better use of the rainwater that falls on their property.

Our rainwater harvesting systems are carefully selected to give you the choice of the best products available, whilst our unique packages focus on quality components which offer a higher degree of filtration than you will find anywhere else on the market. As installers and service engineers ourselves we are well placed for giving you trustworthy product advice. Our unique rainwater harvesting products, combined with our solution focused staff, makes us the partner of choice for many homeowners, builders and ground workers throughout the UK. Browse below to find the systems and products you’re looking for, and contact us directly if you want to discuss efficient and effective rainwater harvester servicing and maintenance.
Rainwater Harvesting Products


Rainwater Harvesting Products


Rainwater Harvesting Products


Rainwater Harvesting Products


Rainwater Harvesting Products


What is rainwater harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting is a way of collecting and storing rainwater with a view of reusing it on your premises. It’s a great strategy for reducing your water bills (by up to 40%) and making sure you have enough water to cultivate your garden, even during periods of severe drought and hosepipe bans.

Rainwater harvesting systems can allow you to collect recycled rainwater and supply it to a number of domestic appliances, including toilets, washing machines and garden taps. Smaller rainwater harvesting solutions, like water butts, reduce your reliance on the mains by providing water that you can use for all kinds of outdoor activities.

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