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Direct Feed Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Direct feed rainwater harvesting systems are innovative systems, making the use of recycled rainwater in the home more efficient. They operate using the direct pressure principle. The pump in the tank turns on when a toilet is flushed or there is any demand for water. During a prolonged dry spell, a sensor in the tank opens a magnetic valve to release a small amount of water into the tank to keep supply to the toilets uninterrupted.

Owls Hall Environmental’s direct feed rainwater system also incorporates a 3 stage particle filter to ensure water quality is as high as possible and prevent fine particles getting into the internal plumbing, eliminating the risk of damage to any toilet valves. It is the solution of choice for homeowners looking for a high-performance, long term rainwater system.

Download a schematic drawing 

For More information on Rainwater harvesting systems, please contact our technical team on: 01844 877030

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