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Below Ground Rainwater Tanks

Storing water in below ground rainwater tanks is the best solution for many domestic rainwater systems. Water stored below ground helps maintain a more stable, cool temperature; it also stays sheltered from sunlight, which inhibits the growth of algae, keeping your water fresh and clean for longer.

Supplied with or without a built-in filter, our flat underground tanks are a shallow design and can be installed with no concrete and very little fuss. Get in touch with us if you want our help making the whole process go smoothly. Whether your below ground tank has a filter pre-installed or not, it’s always advisable to filter the water, removing leaves and debris prior to storage, which is something our rainwater filter products can help you with if you need to buy a separate component.

At Owls Hall, we want you to have complete confidence in the product you’re buying. That’s why all of our below ground rainwater tanks come with a 25-year warranty. They’re relatively easy to install by yourself, but give us a ring on the number at the top of the page if you’d rather bring in some expert help to oversee the job.

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