Rainwater Leaf Filters

The vast experience we have in rainwater harvesting tells us that if you’re harvesting rainwater at home, a rainwater leaf filter is essential. As such, we offer a great selection of different leaf filters suitable for various systems of water collection, all of which will prevent unwanted leaves from infiltrating your tanks, taking up space and ruining your water quality. It’s not just leaves that leaf filters catch either, they will prevent lots of types of debris from getting into your system, ensuring it always runs at full capacity. Moreover, you can also purchase leaf catchers or leaf guards that are easily attached to down pipes for a very economical solution.

Leaf filtration


Rainwater Leaf Filters

Leaf filters use the natural downward flow of water to work in a simple process:

  1. Harvested rainwater is funneled into the filter through the uppermost pipe.
  2. Inside the filter it drops down onto a mesh that allows water through but prevents debris from going any further.
  3. Minus leaves, moss and whatever else it was carrying, the water flows out of the lower pipe and continues on to the main storage tank.

We stock filters from several different brands, with a range of price levels available. Click on any of the products below for more information about a specific filter, or get in touch with us here at Owls Hall  if you’re not sure what would work best with your existing system.

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