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TwinTap Garden System

The Twin Tap Rainwater harvesting system for garden usage, utilises our popular F-line shallow dig tank to store collected rainwater from the roof.

The Twin tap model has two taps built into the lid of the tank, making it easy to connect a hose and water the garden. This system is ideal f you do not want to have a tap on the wall of your property and great for any DIY enthusiasts.

The standard system includes:

  • F-line tank (1500 Litre, 3000 Litre, 5000 Litre or 7500 Litre
  • Large leaf filter
  • DAB divertron 1000 pump
  • VS20 shaft
  • Child proof lid with concealed brass tap distribution point.

The system can be upgraded to allow for deeper inlets but cannot be installed in a driveway. Please view the individual systems below for more in depth description and system drawings.

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