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75-110mm Rotary Cowl

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The Rotary Cowl reduces the smell of your sewage treatment plant by actively drawing in fresh air up through your soil stack. Suitable for 75 & 110mm pipe work.


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Product Description

Ventilation is vital to ensuring and odour from a sewage system or septic tank is taken away above roof level. The Rotary Cowl from Owls Hall helps to achieve good ventilation and can reduce smell at ground level.

Sometimes this is achieved naturally by means of a chimney effect, however adding active rotary cowls will help to pull air up through the soil stack and out of the treatment plant or septic tank.

If you are experiencing smells from your sewage treatment system then adding this cowl to your soil stack may help to take the smell away and dissipate it above roof level.

We would recommend you also check to ensure your treatment plant is functioning correctly and treating well, and that you are not discharging high levels of fat or food waste into the treatment plant, as this can often cause excessive odour

Rotary Cowl Installation Manual