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Hiblow Air Pumps

Hiblow air pumps are considered to be some of the best oxygen pumps available. Suitable for connection with either sewage treatment plants or fish ponds, Hiblow pumps are known for their low noise levels and low power consumption. They are an excellent choice if you need to replace the air pump in your existing sewage treatment or pond installation.

Owls Hall sells a wide range of Hiblow air pumps. The number in each product’s name indicates the amount of air that the pump produces in a minute. For example, the Hiblow HP100 produces 100 litres of oxygen per minute, while the XP80 produces 80 litres per minute. Check your installation or call for advice if you are unsure which pump you require or you’re unsure about replacing the old pump. We also sell Hiblow spare parts if you need to repair your current pump.

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