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EasiBox 550L Basement Pump Station (Twin Pump)

£ 1,999.00 excl VAT
£ 2,398.80 incl VAT

The EasiBox Basement pump station combines easy installation with a high quality pump to give a safe and reliable solution for pumping waste where no gravity fall to the sewer is achievable.

This 550L twin pump system with its vortex pumps offers the most professional and safe solution to pumping wastewater from basement toilets.

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Product Description

EasiBox 550 – The professional basement pump station

The Easybox basement pump station is perfect for the lifting of crude sewage from toilets, showers and sinks.

Ideal for basement installation and coming pre-fitting with a high quality cast iron vortex pump, the EasyBox makes mini pump station installation easy and trouble free.

The click and connect coupling foot aids pump removal, requiring no disconnecting of fittings to remove, clean, and replace the pump. This avoids any possibility of connections sticking and pump removal can be achieved without draining the chamber.

This Twin pump model has a duty/standby arrangement, allowing each pump to work alternatively, or both if the demand requires. If a pump ever blocks or fails there is a back up pump to ensure uninterrupted usage.