Silent Sewage Treatment Systems

Would you like a quiet sewage treatment systems?

With over twenty different sewage treatment plants on the market, it’s hard for consumers to know what they’re getting for their money. Investing in a silent sewage treatment system will make a big difference to your natural environment and give you peace and quiet in your garden.

All You Need To Know About Silent Sewage Treatment Systems

Different people have differing criteria for choosing a  silent sewage treatment plant. Noise is an important factor to most people unless the plant is going to be installed far away from any habitable building or area.

Most treatment plants are air-blower driven, and air-blowers (or compressors) create noise. Higher quality blowers will normally produce less noise, which is not only beneficial for the homeowner, but also often means less wearing of components in the blower, thereby increasing the lifespan.

Most treatment plants you will see have an external box constructed of GRP, situated beside or on top of the treatment plant. These can often resonate the vibrations of the blower and increase the noise level.

Housing these blowers in wooden boxes with acoustic foam can muffle out the noise and here at Owls hall we often install a ‘beehive’ to house the blower.

However, it is often better to go with a silent treatment plant in the first place. An energy-free treatment plant, a Biodisc, or a SOLIDO will emit no noise, therefore being more acceptable to home owners.

All the above treatment plants are on the upper end of the market in terms of cost.