Marsh Septic Tank Installation

Installing a Marsh Septic Tank

There are many different septic tank systems available in today’s market which can make finding the right system a long and confusing process. At Owl’s Hall, we have been installing septic tank systems at domestic properties for years and have an extensive knowledge on the best systems for different ground conditions.

Residential Septic Tank Installation

The Marsh Septic Tank is constructed using GRP (glass reinforced plastic). It is a standard 2 chamber septic tank allowing waste from your property to be discharged through the ground via a soakaway. 

Waste enters the primary chamber where solids settle to the bottom, leaving the liquid to enter the second chamber. Further settlement occurs in the second chamber allowing

If you choose to use Owlshall Environmental to install your Marsh septic tank, our specialist team will ensure that the tank is installed with minimum disruption to your garden.

We can also do the percolation tests in accordance with BS 6297 2008 to accurately size your soakaway prior to its installation.

Furthermore, Owlshall Environmental can offer an annual desludge to remove sludge build up in your tank.

You can find out how to size a septic tank with our free guide, alternatively, if you require an installation please phone our friendly experienced staff on: 0333 258 1397