Energy Free Sewage Treatment Plants

How good are energy free sewage treatment plants?

With more and more emphasis being placed upon environmental awareness, lower power consumption and even carbon zero homes; it is no wonder we now see energy free sewage treatment plants to treat domestic wastewater, using no energy.  However, is it the right option for you?

Energy free treatment plants have some great advantages, like using zero energy and being silent. They also don’t suffer from not working when there is no power. An energy Free sewage treatment plant will also have no electrical components which can breakdown.

However, are there any downsides to installing an energy free sewage treatment plant?

Firstly,  they can have a very large distance between their inlet and outlet, which often results in a pump being required to lift the final treated effluent up to be discharged into a soakaway, ditch or stream. If this has to happen, the Zero energy benefit is gone (pumps don’t require much energy though). However, adding a pump to lift the final effluent can then pose the problem of what happens to the water if there is a powercut?  The answer to that is it will back up in the system and flood it.

With the exception of the EcoFlo, most energy free treatment plants also require a large air flow to maintain sufficient bacteria levels within the system, which effectively treats the water. To aid this, most will require a tall (up to 5 meters) vent pipe to draw air through. Without these vents and air flows, the system will not function adequately.

Energy free treatment plants can be very good at treating sewage, but are more suited to a specialist installer rather than a standard ground worker. This is due to the slightly more complex nature of the installation, and the requirement to be equipped with a full understanding of the product to ensure it operates effectively.

Installing an energy free treatment plant is a good option for the treatment of sewage from your property. However, with plants like the SOLIDO using very little power, and running silently, it may be more feasible to use a standard package treatment plant, depending on the circumstances and site specifics.

If you have questions or would like to install an energy free sewage treatment plant. Feel free to give our technical team a call to discuss the various options available.