Do You Have To Maintain A Rainwater Harvesting System?

Yes, you do have to maintain a rainwater harvesting system. However if the system is well designed and installed the maintenance is minimal and normally comprises of checking and cleaning the leaf filter. You should check the filter in any new system (not just ours) every 3-6 months in the first year, especially around the time the leaves are falling. This will help you to build up a pattern of when the filter needs to be cleaned.

If you have a house & garden system installed, we would also recommend checking the following:

  • Check that there are no leaks in the pipe or toilets. This is done by listening to the pump when there is no water being used. When no water is being used the pump should not turn on. If there is any drip or leak in a pipe you will here the pump turn on for 20 seconds and off again, or running constantly. If this happens then a plumber is best suited to check all your fittings and appliances for leaks. If the system has been installed well, you shouldn’t have this problem.
  • Check the internal filter for debris. The majority of systems sold in the UK do not come with this component. The internal filter is installed in the house and functions as a “belt and braces” to stop any possibility of fine particles coming through. If this is dirty then it is an indication that the leaf filter in the tank is not being maintained frequently enough, or there has been a lot of dirt fall in the tank.
  • Checking the mains water top-up for functionality. Whilst our mains water top-up systems are extremely robust, it is worth pulling the sensor out of the water (simulating there being no water in the tank) to make sure the mains water runs to the tank, and stops once the sensor is returned into the water.
  • Briefly look into the tank to ensure water quality looks good. Whilst removing leaves from the leaf filter, make a mental note of the water quality. It is normal to get some debris in the bottom of the tank, if this is building up too much year on year then it may be evidence you need to increase the frequency of cleaning the leaf filter.

Whilst it sounds a lot, in most cases there is little to do, anything beyond checking the leaf filter every few months is deemed as good practice but not 100% necessary.

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