How To Size A Cesspit

How To Size A Cesspit

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A Cesspit (or often referred to as a Cesspool) is simply a holding tank for sewage. A cesspit does not have an outlet like a Septic tank. It is the last resort to install a cesspit, only when there is no way to drain water through the ground or send treated water to a ditch would a cesspit be installed.

The term cesspit is often confused with the term septic tank, or sewage treatment plant.

Step one: Calculate the number of people in the property.

1 bedroom property can be classed as 2 people.
2 and 3 bedroom properties are classed as 5 people
4 bedroom properties are classed as 6 people
5 bedroom properties are classed as 7 people.

Step 2: Calculate the size of Cesspit required:

The minimum required volume for any domestic household is 18000L (for a one bedroom property containing 2 people).

For each additional person, 6800L is added. Therefore:

2 people = 18000L

3 people = 24800L

4 people = 31600L

5 people = 38400L

6 People = 45200L

7 People = 52000L

8 People = 58800L

This provides approximately 45 days of storage.

A high level alarm is always recommended to alert the residents of the need for the tank to be emptied

Removal of liquid from a cesspit has to be done by a licenced waste carrier.

Cesspits are not allowed in Scotland unless it is for temporary storage while a permanent solution is being installed.