Servicing The WPL Sewage Treatment Plant

Ensuring your WPL runs efficiently

It is of upmost importance that your WPL sewage treatment plant operates effectively and also meets the consent conditions from the Environment Agency. To do this, we can ensure your WPL sewage treatment plant is regularly maintained, ensuring it runs at the optimum performance and reliability levels.

Servicing The WPL Sewage Treatment Plant

Regular servicing from our team can also help to  prevent costly repairs. Owls Hall can offer a one-off service for your WPL sewage  treatment plant or regular servicing to suit your individual needs. The Enviromental Agency also requires you to keep logs and we can help and advise on these.

The WPL Diamond is an “Active Sludge” system, that utilises an air blower to add oxygen into the water. Micro-organisms feed upon the sewage using the oxygen to break down the sewage. The final effluent quality is fully dependant on the health of the micro-organisms which rely on the constant air supply.

Regular servicing of a WPL Diamond is critical to ensuring the system is well fed with oxygen. Regular De-sludging is also highly important. During a service we will go through the whole system, test the air pressure, change filters and diaphragms in the blower and keep your WPL Diamond running smoothly.

Our teams will always arrive with well stocked vans and  we always aim to diagnose and repair systems on the first visit so to get you back up and running as soon as possible. We repair all types of wastewater systems including septic tanks, cess pits, cess pools sewage treatment plants, rainwater harvesting and pumping stations. Visit the repair pages for more information or call us on 0333 258 1397 now.

Bad odours, soggy ground and water not draining away adequately from the house quickly enough are all signs that your WPL Sewage system is not coping or broken. Contact us now to arrange a call out.