WPL Sewage Treatment Plant Residential Installation

Installing a WPL Diamond sewage treatment plant

WPL are a UK based sewage treatment manufacturer. Their Diamond system uses a tried and tested method of treating wastewater. Owls Hall are experienced installers of WPL systems.

WPL Diamond Installation

The WPL Diamond uses a constantly aerating active sludge process. A tried and tested method of treating waste from a domestic home.

There is no primary settlement chamber; waste enters the treatment zone immediately where it is mixed with Aerobic bacteria, who feed upon and digest the waste.

The blower (or compressor) is housed externally in a GRP (glass reinforced plastic) Box, it’s job is to supply air to the bacteria within the system.

Owls Hall Environmental have installed many WPL systems over the years and given that we can install, service and maintain the system for you, we are the partner of choice for the installation of your WPL Diamond.

You can view how the WPL Diamond compares to other systems using our comparison table here.

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