Marsh Ultra Polylok® Sewage System servicing

Owls Hall Environmental are expert’s in all makes and models of sewage treatment plants. We regularly service Marsh sewage treatment plants and are the service partner of choice for many owners of Marsh Ultra Polylok Systems.

Servicing a Marsh Ultra Polylok Sewage system

The Marsh Ultra Polylok sewage treatment plant is Marsh Industries’ larger commercial system. It utilises SAF (submersed aeration filter) technology to treat raw sewage, converting it into less harmful water making it safe to discharge into the environment.

Servicing a Marsh Ultra Polylok is vital to ensuring its continued performance. The larger systems employ large side channel blowers which, being costly to replace, require regular servicing to ensure a long lifespan.

The Marsh Ultra Polylok sewage treatment plant also has a particle filter at the point prior to the discharge of clean water. These filters must be removed and cleaned regularly to ensure they don’t get clogged.

Owls Hall have years of experience with maintaining commercial Marsh sewage treatment systems. Our engineers are able to service and maintain every make and model of Marsh treatment plant and have a full understanding of the relationship between the biological and mechanical components.

Being both British Water qualified and approved by Manufacturers, we have a dedicated servicing team who look after hundreds of commercial treatment plants to ensure no customer is ever let down.

Failure to maintain a commercial treatment plant can reduce its effectiveness in keeping bacteria alive and therefore in treating waste. This will usually lead to the treatment plant smelling, and polluting the land. It is also the main reason for component failure which can lead to costly repairs.