Solido XL Sewage Treatment Plants

Installing a SOLIDO for commercial applications

The Rewatec SOLIDO XL is a state of the art sewage treatment plant for small commercial applications.

Solido XL

The SOLIDO XL’s SBR (sequence batch reactor) process is ideally suited to applications that have fluctuating usage such as pumps or small hotels. By treating the water in batches rather than running constantly, the system naturally balances the peaks and troughs in the flow of waste water. This gives naturally occurring bacteria regular food (waste) and provides a very stable final effluent quality.

The SOLIDO XL is a modular solution which offers many benefits:

  • It can be easily upgraded
  • It can be tweaked and adapted to suit individual sites
  • It has no noisy above-ground blowers
  • It uses no filter material therefore there is less chance of blocking

Owls Hall technical team are highly specialised in the design of modular SBR style systems like the SOLIDO XL. We are also accredited Rewatec Installers and offer a 5 year warranty on any Rewatec sewage system we install, offering you peace of mind that your system will work trouble free for years.

The process of selecting the right system for the application, and selecting the right installation partner can be a mind boggling one. Therefore we offer a full turnkey package to ensure you get the best solution for the job within your budget which includes;

  • Full specification service ensuring your treatment plant is 100% fit for purpose
  • Supply and commission
  • Supply, installation and commission
  • Full after-sales servicing and maintenance
  • Liaising with Environment Agency and local Building Control

With any commercial treatment plant installation, taking ownership of the whole process is vital for your peace of mind. Our full turnkey approach is a service many clients have benefited from over the past 50 years.

Being both British Water qualified and approved to install commercial sewage treatment plants by all of the top UK manufacturers, you can rest assured your Rewatec SOLIDO XL sewage treatment plant will be correctly installed and well looked after by us.

On every sewage treatment plant we install, we double check the specification to ensure the system will be fit for purpose. We will also liaise with the Environment Agency and local Building Control to ensure the process is smooth and pain free for you.