Best Visitor Centre Sewage Treatment Plant

What is the best visitor centre sewage treatment plant or septic tank?

Rural Visitor centres often have to rely on a sewage treatment plant or septic tanks to treat waste from toilet blocks. As the specialists in wastewater solutions we can help you decided which is the best visitor centre sewage treatment plant for your site. Careful design and treatment plant selection needs to be adopted when treating this waste.

High Ammonia

Visitor centres often have large numbers of guests that may use the toilets once or twice per visit. In comparison, waste from a residential house has a lot of dilution from showers and baths, which aren’t used at visitor centres.

These high ammonia levels need to be factored into the design of the treatment plant, to ensure the levels of oxygen in the plant and the size of the treatment zone are sufficient for degrading this ammonia into less harmful nitrites.

Fluctuating Loadings

Often, visitor centres are busier at weekends and quieter during the week. These fluctuations must be taken into consideration and managed to ensure the system’s bacteria aren’t getting “shocked” at the weekend and starved during the week. Some form of flow-balancing can be advantageous in these circumstances.

Seasonal Variations

Seasonal variations will also be a factor to consider in selecting a treatment plant for a visitor centre. If the centre is shut during the winter months, bacteria will often die off during that period. Careful consideration must go into the flow-pattern to ensure the right plant is selected for the site.

Our technical team are highly specialised in working with clients and manufacturers to ensure the Sewage Treatment System is designed and chosen so that the final discharge complies with the Environmental Agency’s legal regulations. We will work alongside you during the whole project, offering a complete service from specification, design, installation and ongoing maintenance.