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1500L F-line Flat Tank with Filter

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The F-line 1500L Filter tank, with pre-installed leaf filter and calming inlet, child proof locking system and 25 year warranty, it’s clear why this is our most popular tank.

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Product Description

The 1500L F-line tank with filter is made from high quality, rotationally moulded polyethylene. Due to its high strength, it can be installed with no concrete, minimising installation costs. Extremely strong and backed by our 25 year warranty the F-line tank. With the pre-installed Mclean filter, this is one of the most popular and most used tanks in the UK. Not only does the shallow design of the F-line tank minimise the risk of hitting a water table, owing to its flat shape, the risk of buoyancy is also reduced.

The pre-installed filter, calming inlet and overflow siphon not only filters the water on entry to the tank, it calms the flow of water into the tank minimising any disturbance of sediment that may be on the tank floor.

Key benefits:

  • Less depth of digging
  • Less risk of buoyancy
  • Less excavated earth
  • Easier to manoeuvre
  • 25 year warranty
  • Child proof lid locking system
  • Good 600mm diameter opening for easy access
  • Can be installed in a driveway with optional drivable pack.

Lightweight and strong, it also has a pump sump to allow the tank to be almost fully drained during use, maximising the storage capacity of the tank. With the ability to be installed in a driveway, with no concrete (using the drivable cover option) there’s no wonder this tank is one of the most popular in the UK.


Pack Contains:

  • 1500 Litre F-line Tank,
  • Pre-installed Filter, calmed inlet and overflow siphon
  • VS20 or VS60 shaft,
  • Lockable child-proof lid

The Pre-Installed Leaf Filter is the first phase in removing dirt and debris that may come from your roof.

With a mesh of 0.8mm and easily removable, the pre-installed filter is a good option for any rainwater harvesting system. The calming inlet prevents disturbance of any sediment that may have built up on the tank floor to further aid water quality


Why Owls Hall?

Owls Hall Environmental are the UK experts for flat tanks, as installers ourselves we are best placed to supply your tank and system, and with service engineers on the road who are trained in rainwater harvesting and our in house specialists in rainwater harvesting, you’ll get no better support than Owls Hall.

Left: Child proof locking system 

F-line 1500-5000L Installation Manual



1500L F-line Tank Dimensions




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