What Is A Percolation Test And Who Carries It Out?

A percolation test is a way to calculate how quickly the soil in your area absorbs water to make sure it is permeable enough to absorb and filter all the effluent before it reaches the ground water.  Both the Environmental Agency and local councils recommend that percolation tests are performed by a qualified engineer to ensure accurate and objective results.

The test provides details on the soil’s drainage characteristics and calculates the drainage field’s floor area for your septic tank and its results form an important part of your installation’s risk assessment. This allows the engineer to determine whether the rate of percolation through the soil is suitable for building an infiltration system that follows British Standards.  By building a system that follows the standards reduces the groundwater pollution risk.

Our engineers perform all percolation tests in line with British Standard BS6297:2007 (+A1:2008) and the Building Regulations (Part H 2015) to get a percolation value (Vp) Which also recommends that specialist knowledge is advisable in the detailed design and installation of small sewage systems. Details of the Government Guidance can be found here.

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