My Sewage Treatment Plant Smells, What Can I Do?

If your sewage treatment plant smells, there are a number of things that should be checked. It would be helpful to also understand what you should not put into a treatment plant as some things will harm or kill bacteria.

  • Book a service from your local service company – If you haven’t had a recent service, then we would highly recommend having it checked by a professional
  • Have your system emptied – Sludge build up should be removed at least once a year, if this is not happening then the system could be biologically overloaded
  • Check that your treatment plant is running – If you have a system using an air blower, you should hear a slight humming sound from it, if not it may not be working
  • Ensure you have not been using too many chemicals like bleach
  • Ensure food waste is not going into the treatment plant
  • Ensure any air vents have not been blocked – sewage systems need good air flow, it is a common mistake to block air flow when there are smells (to stop the smell getting out) however, the right way is to allow the gas to ventilate (preferably above your roof).

Take Home Message

A smelly sewage treatment plant is not pleasant. But there are a number of things that can be done to improve matters. As each site is different, the cause can be a number of things. Booking an experienced engineer to asses your treatment plant would be our number one tip. Do not put yourself at risk by entering the treatment plant or trying to fix any electrical equipment.

What’s next?

When faced with a sewage treatment plant that smells, you have a few different options, including servicing, better ventilation, and even investing in a new plant if your old system is no longer fit for purpose.

  • Ensure that food waster isn’t getting into the system and that the airways aren’t blocked.
  • Talk to Owls Hall about servicing and emptying if you live in the South East, or your local specialist if you live elsewhere in the UK.
  • Explore our extensive range of sewage treatment plants and accessories.