Sewage Treatment Plant Repair

Sewage Treatment Plant Repair
Owls Hall Environmental were contacted regarding a failing sewage treatment plant. An Engineer was immediately sent to site to help assess the problem.

It was established that part of the tank structure was bulging at the bottom causing a split in the tank which was allowing groundwater to enter the system.  The processing section of the treatment plant was operating correctly, but additional groundwater leaking into the system was causing the plant to discharge outside the limits of their ‘Consent to Discharge Licence’, which is regulated by the Environment Agency.

Following discussion with Mr. & Mrs. Quee it was recommended that a complex repair job be carried out instead of a total replacement of their system, thus saving them additional expense and unnecessary major disruption.

Owls Hall Environmental were able to carry out the complex repair to the system due to our Engineers expertise and training in confined spaces as well as possessing the specialist equipment required for the job.

Mr & Mrs Quee’s needed to continue using their facilities whilst the repair was being carried, so we supplied temporary waste storage tanks ensuring that they were inconvenienced as little as possible.

Pleasing feedback from our customers confirmed that we exceeded expectations:

“Owls Hall Environmental saved us, time, money and inconvenience by recommending a repair to our exisiting system, leaving our wonderful garden unspoiled.”

Our customers clearly take great pride in their garden, as with all our installations our engineers take the necessary steps to ensure that we return the work area back to it’s original state. We moved decking areas and plants prior to starting the repair work and great effort was made to return the area affected back to its original state following completion of the works.

Due to the saturated ground water surrounding the tank, it was necessary to drain it prior to starting the repair work. This needed to be done over a few days due to the makeup of the soil, we installed a bore hole allowing a silent pump to be used, minimising the disruption caused to both our customers and their neighbours.

The treatment plants components were completely removed to allow access to the bottom of the tank.  We repaired the system and inserted strengthening bars, providing greater durability than that found in a new machine and to help prolong the life of the system for Mr. & Mrs. Quee.

The repair work was carried out on time and little evidence of the work was left –  except of course for a fully functioning Sewage Treatment Plant and two happy customers!  All of the work was covered by the customers’ home insurance.

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