Regional House Builder Installs Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Regional House Builder Installs Rainwater Harvesting Systems Hero

As part of a project to build 22 new homes, a large regional house builder with a commitment to providing energy efficient sustainable homes opted to install rainwater harvesting systems to provide the homeowners with a large volume of stored water for garden watering and car washing.

Rainwater install

Owls Hall Environmental were chosen to supply the rainwater harvesting system due to their high level of technical support and ability to commission the systems for the developer.

The rainwater harvesting systems (installed in the gardens of each home) provide a large 1500L storage for each homeowner to water their garden.

The system chosen was Owls Hall’s F-line flat tank system. The F-line tank was chosen for its shallow design, 25 year warranty and ability to be installed with no need for concrete.

The twin tap system utilises a high quality submersible pump by leading pump manufacturers DAB. The lid of the tank has two connections for connecting a standard garden hose. Upon connecting a hose, the pump will run on demand providing up to 3.6 bar pressure. Having the hose connections discreetly hidden in the lid of the tank makes installation even easier as there is no need to run the water pipe to a tap on the wall.


Owls Hall Environmental are leading suppliers of rainwater harvesting systems providing unique systems for garden watering and flushing toilets. Our systems we use are of the highest quality equipment available on the market, selected to give years of trouble free usage. Requiring no specialist installation, all our systems can be installed by a competent builder.

If you have any further queries about any of our products or services, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01844 877030. Our staff will be happy to help.

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