Sewage Treatment Plant Installation At Traditional Jain Temple

Sewage Treatment Plant Installation At Traditional Jain Temple
The Oshwal Centre is well-known for its stunning grounds and traditional Jain temple.

Located in Northaw, Hertfordshire it is a popular venue for weddings and special occasions. Owls Hall Environmental were contacted by The Oshwal Association of the UK (OAUK) when it became apparent that the venue’s sewage treatment plant was failing to cope with an increase in the number of visitors to the site. We designed a solution that was able to meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s aspirations while ensuring that the stunning temple architecture remained protected throughout the installation process.

A system to meet various flows and loads

The Oshwal temple, or ‘Derasar’, typically held between 100 and 500 worshippers visiting the Hertfordshire site around twice a week. In addition to this, weddings and special occasions such as Diwali, saw numbers rise as high as 1,000 visitors and could potentially be held up to seven days a week. The large variation in visitor numbers meant that the existing treatment plant was failing to meet discharge consent levels. The Oshwal Centre needed a treatment plant able to meet its varying flows and loads.

Sewage Treatment Plant Installation At Traditional Jain Temple

Minimising disruption

We worked closely with The Oshwal Association of the UK’s committee to understand the sewage needs of the site which also included catering facilities. It was important for us to understand not only the current usage but also to account for future expansion plans to help avoid further expenditure in the future. An additional consideration when planning the installation was the need to ensure that the temple’s architecture and picturesque surroundings were looked after while minimising disruption to the religious schedule.

A competitive solution

When making large capital investments it is standard procedure for The Oshwal Association’s committee to seek further, independent advice. It needed be certain that it selected the best possible solution while adhering to the necessary environmental and legislative requirements. This process involved an independent advisor requesting proposals from two further companies. After careful consideration Owls Hall was recommended as the best partner to carry out the project.

Using existing tanks to help reduce costs

We specified a Kee modular Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) treatment plant to meet the varying flows and loads of the Oshwal Centre site. Our installation team were able to adapt the existing site tanks to act as an overflow device in the event of power failure and installed high water level alarms for when power was restored. To help manage the on-site catering facility waste we recommended a grease trap system to ensure compliance with the latest regulations while also ensuring the smooth running of the treatment system in the future. While reducing the chance of future breakdowns, the grease trap system also has the potential to reduce running costs.

Ongoing support

Following the successful installation project, we continue to support The Oshwal Centre, visiting the site every six months as part of our Empty and Care Plan.

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