Sewage Treatment Plant And Grease Separator Installation For Balfour Beatty

Sewage Treatment Plant And Grease Separator Installation For Balfour Beatty

Balfour Beatty contacted Owls Hall Environmental having been selected to design and build a major new road scheme between Stansted and Braintree in Essex. The leading engineering and construction firm needed a sewage treatment plant for its site compound which would house offices, support staff buildings and 110 caravans for workers. With an ambitious schedule already in place it was essential that we responded quickly with a solution that would enable Balfour Beatty to start work transforming a congested single carriageway into a new dual two-lane road on time.

Helping Balfour Beatty stay on track.

During our first meeting with the Balfour Beatty Major Projects team it was apparent that the timing of the works would be crucial. A date to start the bypass construction had already been agreed meaning the site compound, complete with working sewage facilities needed to be up and running within a short space of time. With a clear understanding of the time pressures we quickly responded with designs and a proposed solution. We resolved the immediate waste storage problems with the supply of temporary storage facilities enabling the Balfour Beatty workforce to proceed with work at the site without disruption.

Sewage Treatment Plant And Grease Separator Installation For Balfour Beatty

Meeting Health and Safety requirements.

When designing the compound site solution we needed to account for flow rates for the sewage connection of 110 caravans housing over 300 workers as well as additional offices and canteen facilities. The Owls Hall team recommended a Klargester Air Flow AF10 treatment plant. As part of the works we also ran a system of foul pipes from the caravans and buildings, connected to the treatment plant through manholes and inspection chambers.

In the interest of Health and Safety, and in order to protect a nearby watercourse, we installed alarms and included an additional emergency 18,180 litre sealed tank beside the treatment plant as an overflow system.

Supplying clean water and ensuring maximum efficiency.

For the supply of clean water, every caravan was installed with a stop cock. All offices, additional stores and workshops were supplied with mains water supply.  A Fire hydrant system was also installed with connection to the meter. To prevent fats, oils and greases from entering the sewage treatment plant from the canteen facilities, we included an additional grease separator to help ensure the optimum working efficiency of the treatment plant.

Ongoing support.

Following the successful sewage treatment plant and grease separator installation, the Owls Hall team continued to provide ongoing support to the Balfour Beatty Major Projects team. We carried out regular servicing and desludging of equipment for the duration of the construction project.

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