Network Rail Hitchin Alliance Project


The Hitchin Grade Separation project was part of a partnership to integrate Network Rail and Hotchtief UK’s Civil Engineering sector. The project was managed through the Alliance Integrated Project Organisation known as Hitchin Alliance. This unique arena focused on collaborative consultation and project management, resulting in the schedule of works being efficiently delivered on time and within budget.

The scheme involved the construction of the new elevated route via imported fill embankments and an elevated rail flyover extending over 800m and comprising of steel girders and concrete deck. Owls Hall Environmental were successfully awarded the drainage systems element of the project.

The Project

The scope of the Owls Hall works included delivering a varied and conclusive drainage package over the course of a 12-week programme. Our team delivered a multiple programme of works incorporating a series of drainage solutions. This included soakaway and attenuation tanks designed utilising a crate system of 1m blocks bonded and wrapped in Geo-textile material ranging from 12m to 65m long and 2 to 5m deep.

The remainder of the project delivered a system of standard drainage works such as catch-pit’s up to 4m deep, pipes up-to 600mm and a series of v ditches linked by both pipework and headwalls. The complexity of the project incorporated works under possession and employing temporary works using form C regulations.

Our experience in working with similar large construction and civil engineering organisations. Meant our team understood the importance of delivering drainage solutions under the banner of civil engineering, whilst operating precisely to the Network Rail Regulations. Owls Hall successfully completed their element of the project within the required standards and agreed deadline.

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