Hylands House Pumped Sewerage System Installation

Hylands House Pumped Sewerage System Installation

Chelmsford Borough Council awarded Owls Hall Environmental Limited the contract for the design and installation of a pumped sewerage system. The system was required to connect Hylands House, its associated buildings and facilities to the public and foul sewer. Furthermore, the project included de-commissioning of the existing redundant plants for making safe purposes.

At the start of any contract our engineers conduct a full survey of the site.  At the Hylands House site we established the relative levels between the existing public sewer connection point and the existing inlets to the treatment plants or cesspools. Allowing our engineers to ascertain the peak flows. This ensured the design provided suitable pump rates taking into account usage figures for the House and Visitor Centre. In order for our engineers to confirm the design of the new pumping unit had capacity to serve approximately 200 users per day.

The main works included installation of pumping stations, internal pipework, valves, guide rail and lifting chains. All with access covers at ground level to enable removal of pumps for maintenance. Rising mains were constructed from MDPE pipework with air release valves at any high points to avoid siphoning of the main.

Hylands House Pumped Sewerage System Installation

At the same time a washout chamber was installed with a suitable tee piece with valve and bauer connection at the low points in the valley. Allowing the draw-off of sewage from the main for periodic cleansing. An air release valve was also installed close to the pumping station to avoid the risk of ‘siphoning’ of the pumping main. Each site included two identical pumps that operated on a duty standby arrangement with auto switch over. All plant was designed to minimise operational input.

The project was completed successfully within the timeline adhering to stringent health and safety standards and meeting the guidelines of the Sewers for Adoption 6th Edition published by the WRC.

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