A13/a130 Sadler’s Farm Junction Improvement Project

A13/a130 Sadler’s Farm Junction Improvement Project

The Sadler’s Farm Junction improvement scheme included provision of a dedicated strategic link from the A13 London to the A130 Chelmsford. The scheme promised to deliver faster and safer journeys. The overall budget for the scheme was £63m.

This project is another prime example of how well Owls Hall Environmental’s commercial drainage installation team work in partnership with large construction companies. For this project our partners were Birse Civils who are part of the Balfour Beatty Group.

After successfully securing the pre-works drainage contract. We completed the six-week work programme. Demonstrating how our team’s adaptable approach enables them to complete projects by working in conjunction with their partner’s processes, policies and practices. The pre-works project was so successful that we won the main drainage contract.

The commercial installation team’s active participation and innovative approach to the project was proved by the way we utilised the trench machines and stone carts to reduce the wastage of materials.

A13/a130 Sadler’s Farm Junction Improvement Project

Often with contracts of this size the main construction encounters issues around design and uncovers aspects that are not visible until works are underway. Due to this our role in the project was put on hold for around six months until Birse Civils resolved the design. During the six months we continued to build relationships to ensure a systematic and seamless return to project, minimising any impact

Once the Owls Environment team returned to the site, we completed both pre-earthworks, the main line drainage and the additional works to support completion of the project.

Following the completion of this contract we have continued to work with Birse Civil and Balfour Beatty on other projects such as M25 Junction 6.  For more details on any our commercial services please get in touch with our team.

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