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Home Buyer Drain Survey


A home buyer septic tank survey will give you peace of mind about areas that a standard RICS HomeBuyer Report won’t cover. The report will tell you if your potential purchase is structurally sound and not in need of urgent repairs, but it won’t necessarily tell you everything you’d want to know. Surveys are available for the South East and East of England.

A septic tank survey won’t be included in your standard HomeBuyer report, but it could be just as important, particularly if you are buying a house that is reliant on off-mains drainage.

If your new property will be using a cesspit, septic tank or sewage treatment plant to store or treat wastewater then a survey is essential to make sure that it is in working order. A septic tank survey will give you peace of mind that there won’t be any surprise repairs needed after you move in but if there are any faults uncovered then you are better informed, and these can be addressed as part of the sale.


Septic tank surveys for home sellers

Owls Hall’s survey is also available to home sellers who want to ensure that everything is in order for potential buyers. If you choose our Plus or Extra surveys, which come with a CCTV drain check, you’ll be able to pass the film on to your buyer as visual evidence of the survey’s results.

Delivering complete peace of mind

Our home buyer drain surveys include a thorough inspection of your drainage system to ensure that it meets the current building regulation requirements and the new general binding rules requirements for wastewater discharge that will come into force in 2020.

We offer three levels of survey to suit every requirement and budget.

Features Home Buyer Home Buyer Plus Home Buyer Extra
Tank inspection Yes Yes Yes
Tank emptying to further assess the structure of the tank Yes* Yes* Yes*
CCTV inspection of all accessible pipework No Yes Yes
Survey of all accessible stormwater down pipes No No Yes
Compliance checks against current building regulations Yes Yes Yes
Compliance checks against general binding rules changes in 2020 Yes Yes Yes
A full written report on all findings Yes Yes Yes
A detailed WinCan inspection report No Yes Yes
An electronic copy of the CCTV survey No Yes Yes
Detailed information on any issues found including recommended actions and repair or installation quotes Yes Yes Yes
% discount on any future Home Buyer Drain Surveys booked through Owls Hall within a year of the initial survey. 5% 7.5% 10%
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What can I expect from my Home Buyer Septic Tank Survey?

Most Home Buyer surveys take around two hours to complete, depending on the size of your property and the access to the tank and internal pipework.

Our engineer will carry out a thorough inspection of the tank and all pipework, depending on the level of survey that you have selected, carefully running through our comprehensive checklist and noting any issues or concerns. The tank will be emptied to check for any hidden issues inside the tank, including any cracks or fractures. Any damage to the tank or internal pipework will be highlighted, along with the remedial action that may be required to rectify the issues. The system will be checked to ensure that it is in working order and that it is discharging effluent to the required standard set by the Environment Agency.

CCTV drain surveys

By choosing the Home Buyer Plus or Home Buyer Extra survey you will have the added benefit of a CCTV drain survey inspection, allowing the engineer to look deep into hidden wastewater pipework for any damage or blockages. You’ll get an electronic copy of the footage to keep as further evidence of the inspection.

The Home Buyer Extra survey is our most comprehensive service, extending the drain survey from wastewater to include stormwater down pipe drainage.

Please note the Home Buyer Plus or Home Buyer Extra survey, will take additional time whilst on site to complete.

What happens if we find an issue?

Our reports are comprehensive yet easy to understand, even if you aren’t an expert in wastewater treatment! We’ll always highlight any issues, notifying you of their impact on the system and its ability to treat wastewater effectively.

If we find an issue that requires a repair or installation of new parts then we will tell you what they are, how long it will take to repair and the cost of this work. Together with the seller of the property, you can agree as to whether the work will be carried out before or after the sale and whether this will have any impact on the terms of your future home purchase.

You get complete peace of mind that your new house will have a drainage system that is compliant with the latest regulations and that there won’t be any nasty and costly surprises waiting for you after the sale has been processed.

Please note the Home Buyer Plus or Home Buyer Extra survey, will take additional time whilst on site to complete.

Septic Tank surveys for Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas

From our base in Essex, Owls Hall’s inspectors can carry out drainage surveys across the South East and East of England. We can come out to most areas in Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and further afield if required.

The Owls Hall team has years of experience installing, inspecting and servicing sewage treatment facilities in this part of the country. We’re local, responsive and happy to speak to you about anything that comes up as part of your home buyer drain survey.

If you’re moving into a house with a cesspit, septic tank or sewage treatment plant, speak to us if you have any questions about repairs or servicing. We’re happy to provide advice and can send an engineer out if a problem arises after you move in.

Client Testimonial

Home buyer drain survey was something I had never heard of until I went to buy my new home recently and discovered it was a legal requirement of the sale. However, the team at Owls Hall Environmental Ltd were really helpful and provided a very prompt service.  Once I contacted them, they explained the different survey options, talked me through the whole process and arrived to perform the drain survey within 5 days. Following the completion of the survey they provided a report which they explained to me in detail. Then their engineer John came out for a site visit to talk through all the possible solutions and advised me on the most cost-effective way to ensure the off mains water system at our new property was made compliant.

The service I received from Owls Hall Environmental Ltd was excellent and I would recommend them to anyone who has a property with off mains water and requires a home buyer drain survey. “

Helen Broxted Essex October 2019

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