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Commercial Sewage Treatment Plant Servicing


Commercial Servicing

Large Commercial Sewage Treatment plants require regular servicing and maintenance. There are a large number of sewage treatment plants of differing designs and sizes installed throughout the UK. The Environment Agency (EA) in England and Wales are showing increasing concerns about the potential amount of pollution these sewage treatment plants can cause.

One of the primary ways to prevent pollution is to have your commercial sewage treatment plant serviced and maintained correctly.  It is common knowledge that many domestic sewage treatment plants do not get serviced until they stop working, or cause a pollution issue. 

Sewage treatment plants have minimum maintenance requirements and these vary dependent on the size, type and age of the system.  Typically, a domestic sewage treatment plant should be serviced and maintained once or twice a year.  Commercial sewage treatment plants may require more frequent servicing intervals.

All sewage treatment plants are designed to promote the growth of Aerobic Micro-organisms, but the methods used to create the environment for the micro-organisms to develop and be maintained differ drastically.

Sewage treatment plants use processes which employ the use of air blowers, rotating discs, submersible pumps and filter media.  All sewage treatment plants require periodic maintenance and the maintenance requirement depends mainly on the type of treatment process being used.

Failure to maintain a sewage treatment plant can result in the system being ineffective in its operation and can result in the biological activity being effected, resulting in untreated effluent being discharged to a receiving watercourse.  Lack of maintenance can also lead to costly replacement of component parts

All sewage treatment plants require a service engineer visit. The frequency will depend on the type of sewage treatment plant and the property connected to it. Owls Hall have many years experience in the repair and maintenance of all major types of Sewage Plant. We can service the whole range of Klargester Biodisc, Envirosafe, WPL, Conder, Marsh, SOLIDO and just about any other make of sewage treatment plant or septic tank.

Our commercial waste removal and commercial treatment plant servicing pricing is extremely competitive. Please contact us for a quote.

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