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84000 Litre Cesspit

Premier Tech Cesspit 22000L CP22/2

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The Premier Tech 22000 Litre Cesspit is constructed from high strength GRP (Glass-Reinforced-Plastic). Available in 2 versions for either concrete surround or granular surround (dry sites only).

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Product Description

This Premier Tech 22000L Cesspit is constructed from high strength GRP (Glass-Reinforced-Plastic). Available in 2 versions for either concrete surround or granular surround (dry sites only). A Cesspit (or often referred to as a Cesspool) is simply a holding tank for sewage. A cesspit does not have an outlet like a Septic tank. It is a last resort to install a cesspit, only when there is no way to drain water through the ground or send treated water to a ditch would a cesspit be installed.

The term Cesspit is often confused with the term Septic tank, or sewage treatment plant.

Sizing a cesspit is easy. The minimum required volume for any domestic household is 18000L (for a one bedroom property containing 2 people).

For each additional person 6800L is added therefore:

  • 2 people = 18000L
  • 3 people = 24800L
  • 4 people = 31600L
  • 5 people = 38400L
  • 6 People = 45200L
  • 7 People = 52000L
  • 8 People = 58800L

Some Commercial buildings may produce lower volumes of waste – For help with sizing please call us on: 01844 877030

This provides approximately 45 days of storage. A high level alarm is always recommended to alert the residents of the need for the tank to be emptied Removal of liquid from a cesspit has to be done by a licenced waste carrier. Cesspits are not allowed in Scotland unless it is for temporary storage while a permanent solution is being installed.

Why Owls Hall Environmental

Owls Hall Environmental is a leading sewage treatment supplier and specialist installer. With over 50 years experience, we have unrivaled in house expertise. Purchasing your sewage treatment plant or septic tank from Owls Hall Environmental gives you the added benefit of our technical and practical experience.

Our technical team are on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding this product, both from a technical or practical point of view. We can give you expert guidance to finding the right product for your project and advise on Environment Agency discharge permits where applicable.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your project, feel free to call our team on: 01844 877 030

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