Premier Tech ASP Sewage Treatment Plant Installation

Installing a Premier Tech ASP

If a property is not connected to mains sewage, the water must be treated before it is discharged into the ground or watercourse. The Premier Tech ASP installed by Owls Hall will be a good long term option for you.

It is probable that you will need to install a sewage treatment plant if you own a new build that is not connected to mains sewage, or an existing property that is not functioning correctly.

The Premier Tech ASP’s active sludge process treats wastewater from your home meaning that it can be safely discharged to either a watercourse or into the ground.

Selecting the correct installer for your sewage treatment system is key to guaranteeing that the system is dependable in the long term. To ensure there is less of a likelihood of errors, it is important to use a professional installer. We don’t just understand sewage treatment installations; we are experts in biological processes. We also have a devoted emptying and servicing team so that you are guaranteed an efficient and punctual service.

You can view how the Premier Tech ASP compares to other systems using our comparison table here.

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