Millennium Septic Tank Installation

Installing a Millennium Septic Tank

There are many different septic tank systems available in today’s market which can make finding the right system a long and confusing process. At Owl’s Hall, we have been installing septic tank systems at domestic properties for years (including millennium septic tank installation) and have an extensive knowledge on the best systems for different ground conditions.

Millennium Septic Tank Installation

The Millennium Septic tank, made by Premiertech Aqua is designed to allow wastewater from a property to be discharged through the ground via a Soakaway (or drainage field).

Made from durable Polyethylene, it can often be installed with no concrete, which allows long term ground movement with less risk of the tank cracking.

The removable particle filter is the main reason Owls Hall Environmental recommend this product. Traditional septic tanks often, over years will discharge water which is high in suspended solids. The millennium septic tanks particle filter prolongs the life of a soakaway making it an ideal choice.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Shallow design for easy installation
  • Made from durable Polyethylene
  • Removable particle filter
  • Lockable Pedestrian lid

Owls Hall Environmental Offer:

  • Supply only
  • Full installation
  • Emptying and servicing

The fine particle filter (pictured left) prevents the release of Suspended Solids from the septic tank. Given that most soakaways fail due to septic tanks discharging high levels of suspended solids, we feel that this is a great design feature.

The fine particle filter is removable for cleaning and should be done every year.

Owls hall empty hundreds of septic tanks every year. If there is a hose in your garden we will be happy to remove and clean the particle filter for you.

Owls hall are the partner of choice for the installation of your millennium septic tank. We can visit your property to carry our ground tests and calculations to ensure you get the right septic tank and soakaway for you and your property.

Not only can we supply the septic tank for you, we can also carry out the installation and offer you a regular emptying program to ensure the system performs well consistently.

This, combined with good housekeeping, means you can avoid blockages and back-ups helping you to avoid any odour issues you may otherwise experience. We will provide quotes for supply and installation and we always aim to complete any installation as quickly and efficiently as possible, causing minimal disruption to you and your lifestyle.

For more information, please contact our friendly team on: 0333 258 1397

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