Commercial Wastewater Installation Services

For commercial solutions talk to us for expert advice

Owls Hall Environmental has specialised teams across the UK that are experts in commercial  wastewater installation services and sewage treatment systems , pumping stations, septic tanks and rainwater harvesters.

We have internal experts to assist with discharge consents, building control and planning permission if needed.

We also have a devoted staff who are able to give technical advice by phone or email free of charge.

Because there are always different dynamics such as available space, site facilities and price that will establish the best system for you, we make sure to always provide the suggestion that is bested suited to your needs.

We are veterans of the wastewater industry, with over 50 years experience in the industry. We have an expert team with unrivalled knowledge and skills so that the job is done is the most efficient and economical way. We start by providing budget quotes and complementary on-site consultations and then offer detailed quotations that incorporate a full plan of action for the works.

What to expect

Commercial Sewage Plant Installation

When looking to install for commercial purposes, we guarantee that we provide a professional installation meaning that you’ll have a plant that operates fully and endures in the long term.

If we need to use any vehicles during the installation, our Installation Engineers have full qualifications for all the machinery needed. Owls Hall Environmental also have full insurance documentation in order to support our operations.

Septic Tank Installation

When a commercial property does not have access to mains drainage, the septic tank represents a more traditional solution to sewage drainage requirements. We are able to install a broad array of septic tanks for commercial use, including septic tanks for granular backfill, septic tanks with soakaway protecting particle filters, and septic tanks appropriate for shallow dig applications. Because we have 50 years experience in the installation of septic tanks, you can rest assured your project will be implemented to a professional standard.

Commercial Pumping Station Installation

If you need a pumping station, we will work alongside you to construct, revamp or manage your station from the planning stage to completion. Owls Hall can offer a full Turnkey solution for your pumping station, but we are similarly comfortable with providing any specific services you might require. We have a team that is experienced in all phases of the construction of a pumping station and can manage, build, and install equipment in line with your requirements.

Rainwater Harvesting Installation

Because we have years of experience in the field of commercial rainwater harvesting system, it means we handpick components only of the highest quality and make sure that we cooperate closely with the client in order to make sure that the system is ideally suited and installed in a professional and exact manner.

Our team is skilled in all areas of rainwater harvesting installation and has the capability to manage, build and install equipment in line with your specific requirements.