Best Hotel Sewage Treatment Plant

What is the best hotel sewage treatment plant?

Many hotels in rural locations are not connected to mains sewerage. In this circumstance, the waste from the hotel will need to be treated on site before being discharged into the ground, a ditch or a stream. With over 50 years of experience, Owls Hall can help you choose the best hotel sewage treatment plant for your site.

Seasonal Fluctuations

Many hotels experience seasonal fluctuations. A reduced load over a long period of time can lead to aerobic bacteria consuming calcium in the water rather than their regular nutrition (the waste). In certain soft water areas, this can lead to the water becoming acidic, halting the treatment process. Although this acidity is uncommon, it is something Owls Hall always look into prior to installing a treatment plant. A low waste load during a quiet season can be combated with calcium dosing, or, a modular system with multiple treatment tanks can be utilised, thereby allowing one to be switched off during a low usage period.

Fat and Grease

Hotels often have large commercial kitchens, and it’s imperative that fats and grease are managed from these kitchens.  Any fat entering a sewage plant will have a negative impact on the bacteria and will cause smell problems. The solution is to install a good sized grease trap or under-sink grease shield. It is also important to implement good kitchen practice to help avoid too much grease going down the sinks.

Secondly, any grease trap or grease shield must be maintained, including having the fats removed regularly. Failure to do so will result in contamination of the treatment plant, odour problems and sometimes a costly cleaning bill.

Food Scraps

In a hotel kitchen, it is often easy to allow food from plates to go down the sink. When food decomposes in a treatment plant, not only does it cause a higher organic load than the treatment plant may have been designed for, it usually smells. When having a sewage treatment plant in a hotel, it is important that food does not enter the treatment system.

For hotels, Owls Hall only install sewage systems which are capable of processing the specific flow and load fluctuations that come with waste from a hotel.

Our technical team are highly specialised in working with clients and manufacturers to ensure the Sewage Treatment System is designed and chosen so that the final discharge complies with the Environmental Agency’s legal regulations. We will work alongside you during the whole project, offering a complete service from specification, design, installation and ongoing maintenance.