Owls Hall Environmental Ltd - Service Conditions of sale

Cancellation Policy:

You may cancel your contract with Owls Hall at any time by contacting us by phone on 01371 850 537 or by writing to Owls Hall Environmental Ltd, Owls Hall Farm, Blackmore End, Essex. CM7 5AB. Cancelling your Direct Debit is not cancellation of the contract and we will look to recover debt should your Direct Debit stop without cancellation being given.

Owls Hall will provide written confirmation that the cancellation has taken place.

If you cancel within 14 days of taking out the plan, you will be entitled to a full refund of any Direct Debit payments made as long as you have not had any work done. Any work done will be charged at the standard Owls Hall repair, service or empty rates.

If you cancel after 14 days of taking out the plan, we will require 1 months’ notice in order to cancel the contract. If you have not had work done then you will not be charged for the remainder of the contract, although any payments already made cannot be claimed back.

If you cancel after 14 days of taking out the plan, and have had work done, then you will be required to pay the remainder of the amount due for the duration of the contract. The amount can be paid by continuing to pay the Direct Debit instalments or by providing a payment to cover the total amount.

Work done includes:
• Service
• Empty
• Any repair work included as part of the Empty, Care & Repair plan

The work done does not include:
• The initial inspection of your system as part of the acceptance on the Empty, Care & Repair plan.