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Wall Tank System – 3200 Litres

£ 1,850.00 excl VAT
£ 2,220.00 incl VAT

The 3200L Wall tank system not only looks great, it is extremely easy to install.

Available in 4 colours to suit your garden, and comes complete with a pump to give fantastic pressure for garden watering.

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Product Description

The wall tank system is a simple, yet effective garden watering solution. With a large 3200L storage capacity consisting of 4 x 800L tanks connected, small footprint of 80 x 60 cm x 179cm (W x D x H per tank), four available colours, a pump and a filter diverter, it is a complete kit and a great addition to any garden this summer! The high-quality jet pump, with stainless steel motor body is an ideal combination with this tank. It is a water-proof, automatic (with electronic flow control) and self-priming. The electronic flow control responds to the pressure in the outlet pipe, as the user draws water by opening a tap or similar, the pump starts, then cuts out automatically after.

The pump is totally water-proof (submersible) it is therefore very safe electrically where children or animals may be present and in the prevention of general accidents. You can upgrade the system at a later date by connecting additional tanks to increase the storage capacity of your system.

The modular above ground solution is perfect for those who don’t want to dig holes in the ground and want the possibility of increasing the system at a later date.

Comes with:

  • 4 x 800L (3200L) tank with tank connectors (including brass connection points)
  • 1 x Filter diverter for the downpipe
  • 1 x 30 cm filter to tank hose
  • 1 x Steel pump
  • 1 x Pump to tank connection with shut off valve. Enabling removal of the pump without draining the tank A Simple and elegant solution from Owls Hall Environmental.
  • Wall mounting Brackets

Why buy from Owls Hall Environmental?

As one of the UKs largest water solution providers, and experts in wastewater treatment and rainwater harvesting, we have years of experiences providing, installing and maintaining expert solutions. Our knowledge of water, pumps, and components that are used within our rainwater harvesting systems is unrivalled.

We put the customer first and have highly trained staff with a deep understanding of rainwater harvesting products.



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