Ethical policy

Owls Hall Environmental Limited recognise that we are part of the society in which we live and work. The very nature of our work and the services we provide means that we are part of our customers’ everyday lives and therefore it is important that we respond to our customers’ everyday needs.

It is important that we act and operate responsibly in order for us to succeed. To ensure this we need to consider not just our customer’s but also our employees and employment policies, the community in which we operate in and the effects that our very existence has on the environment.


Owls Hall Environmental are dedicated to protecting the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors and others that may be affected. We have devised many policies and procedures that ensure the Health and Safety of our staff who play an active role in ensuring that these policies and procedures are applied.

Owls Hall Environmental not only adhere to all employment laws, we are supportive of diversity in the work place. We maintain a great respect for our employees and we are proud of the work that they do.

We regularly work with training coordinators from outside the company to educate our employees further on a whole range of skills relating to all areas.

Owls Hall Environmental are equal opportunities employers and comply with the Race Relations Act 1976.


By building lasting relationships with local traders we are helping to ensure the growth of local businesses and are also helping to maintain employment in the local areas. We believe it is important to support the community in which we operate and maintain good relationships with that community.


We produce very little waste, we recycle what we can and try to utilise what is left for other purposes.

We work with and in accordance with Building Regulations and the Environment Agency to ensure that our work is installed according to relevant regulations and treats the effluent in line with relevant legislation. We are a registered waste carrier which enables us to empty many septic tanks and treatment plants. We then dispose of this collected waste in accordance with the relevant legislation.

Business Conduct:

We are always keen to listen to others and maintain regular contact with our customers after the installation process is completed, so that we can see what changes we need to make in order to become a better company in their eyes.

We believe it is acceptable to compete, we believe that it must be done fairly and in accordance with current legislation.

It is our policy that we will only support other companies who act as ethically as ourselves.

We understand our importance to our customers and also to the community and so we will always strive to go one stage further, look to the future and be the best.