The Burston Crown – Klargester Sewage Plant Installation

Burston Crown Pub
The Burston Crown is an award-winning pub and dining venue located close to Diss, Norfolk. Owls Hall Environmental were contacted by Mrs Kemberly, one of The Burston Crown’s proprietors, who informed us that the pub’s effluent system needed to be upgraded.

The Owls Hall team designed a solution using a Klargester Biodisc plant that would meet today’s needs while also being able to accommodate the pub’s future growth plans. When difficult ground conditions were discovered during the excavation, the Owls Hall team quickly found a solution to ensure that the project was still delivered on time with minimal disruption and crucially, in time for the busy Christmas period.

Understanding what matters most to our customers

Located in the picturesque village of Burston, The Crown features a 16th century building and an attractive beer garden. During our first site visit it quickly became apparent that the existing effluent system was no longer adequate for the thriving business. The replacement system would need to be designed to make the best use of limited space. Working closely with the proprietors we were able to gain a clear understanding of what was needed to meet the current usage as well as future ambitions for the thriving business.

The Owls Hall team designed a solution which included specialist measuring equipment that removed the need for a pumping station to transfer waste to the Klargester treatment plant located 20 meters from the premises.

The right solution at the right price

With a busy commercial kitchen in use six days a week, our team recommended installing a grease trap system to reduce the volume of fats, oils and grease entering the sewage plant. This solution enables the premises to comply with the latest regulations while also ensuring the smooth running of the treatment system and helps avoid potentially expensive breakdown costs. The solution also needed to meet Mrs Kemberly’s budget for both the initial capital investment along with future running costs.

As with all our installations our engineers took the necessary steps to ensure that the original garden entrance was maintained and the visual landscape was not affected. We built the system away from the pubs beer garden and made sure that during the commercial sewage treatment plant installation process, live services nearby were protected and maintained.

Reacting to new challenges and meeting deadlines

Like all successful dining establishments, Christmas is a particularly busy time for The Burston Crown. It was essential that our installation was completed on schedule so that the venue could operate at its maximum capacity during the festive period. Our experience, planning and professionalism helped ensure that the deadline was met despite additional challenges arising during the excavation.

It is our standard practice to immediately make arrangements for the deployment of additional resources, should they be needed, to ensure that we complete our projects within the agreed time frames. When our Site Manager discovered that the ground conditions at The Burston Crown could cause the excavation to collapse, a safe alternative plan was quickly put into action. We used steel shoring with hydraulic frames and pumping equipment to control the groundwater levels throughout the excavation.

Following successful completion of the works, Owls Hall Environmental continues to carry out regular Klargester servicing and de-sludging of the equipment to ensure its efficiency for years to come.

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