Owls Hall Expertise Helps Solve Long Running Domestic Sewage Problem

Solido Hertforshire
Residential sewage treatment plant installation

Six years after moving into a beautiful cottage in rural Hertfordshire, Graham Davey and his family began to experience problems with its ageing septic tank. As an experienced engineer, Graham began by replacing the drainage field himself. However when the system began to fail again he turned to Owls Hall Environmental and its team of experts to help resolve the problem and provide a new septic tank installation. We worked closely with Graham to identify the underlying problem and to propose a solution that was ideally suited to his individual requirements. The SOLIDO KBMS4512 sewage treatment system proved to be the perfect fit, a long term sustainable solution for a rural country cottage.

‘There’s not much that I don’t understand about land, water and drainage, but after several frustrating attempts to sort out an elderly septic tank I decided to call Owls Hall.’ Graham Davey, from Hertfordshire

When septic tanks go wrong

Having worked for many years as a Procurement Director at VolkerWessels, an organisation that specialises in civil engineering. Graham Davey was able to draw on his own experience when his septic tank began to fail. Recognising the importance of the drainage field in allowing bacteria to break down the effluent being discharges from the septic tank. Graham began by replacing the existing drainage field, a logical first step.

Although the new drainage field initially helped, the underlying problem remained. 18 months later and following a busy Easter with additional visitors using the cottage facilities, the system began to fail again. Tell-tale signs of a failing septic tank can include sewage overflowing from the tank or manhole covers but also an increase in the frequency that it needs to be emptied. In this case there were bad smells and poorly flushing toilets indicating that there was a problem.

“I was recommended Owls Hall through a colleague who had used them on commercial projects and knew that as well as having the civil engineering experience they also had a proven track record on the domestic side.” Graham Davey, Hertfordshire.

Solido Hertforshire

Designing the right solution

Following a site visit we were quickly able to determine that an ageing septic tank was discharging into heavy, clay-based soil. Having identified the need for a new septic tank we began helping Mr Davey to find a suitable replacement. As independent installers, we’re able to help our customers to select the best solutions from across the market based on their own, unique requirements. For the Davey family it was crucial to have silent operation, no odour and a compact design to minimise any impact on their garden. The SOLIDO system proved to be the ideal solution, producing liquid that could be discharged directly into a ditch running along the edge of the cottage with no requirement for a drainage field.

The SOLIDO system came with a 25 year tank manufacturer’s warranty providing long-term peace of mind. A significant difference to the 12 month warranties offered by providers of some low-budget fibreglass alternatives.

“There are a number of plants and tanks out there to choose between and you have to get the right size system in order to meet the Environment Agency requirements. Owls Hall are independent installers, so they helped me navigate the market place and choose a sewage treatment plant that meets all of my requirements.” Graham Davey, Hertfordshire.

Careful installation

With the cottage surrounded by carefully kept gardens it was important that when we installed the new sewage treatment system that we caused as little disruption as possible. The robust nature of the SOLIDO tank meant that we didn’t need to use concrete helping to reduce costs while still providing a top of the range system. The installation was completed in just four days.

“We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and we understand that for many customers keeping gardens intact is an important consideration when contemplating installing a new sewage treatment system.” Craig Finbow, Managing Director, Owls Hall Environmental.

Customer care.

Owls Hall provide a comprehensive range of after sales services to ensure that once a system has been designed and installed it continues to run smoothly and efficiently. We continue to visit the Davey cottage as part of our Service and Emptying plan.

“I was taken care of every step of the way, from the advice of the sales team to the expert care taken by the engineers, to the excellent after sales service.” Graham Davey, Hertfordshire.

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